Ban reckless driving in car commercials.

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Many car ads on television celebrate illegal activities, including speeding, racing, and reckless driving. This sends a terrible message, especially to our children and young adults. It should be illegal to sell cars by promoting dangerous activities. Please join me in telling the FTC you want the auto industry to stop selling cars as if they were play toys.

Why should we celebrate and encourage activities that can lead to deadly crashes? Automakers get away with these irresponsible ads by hiding behind tiny “professional driver, closed course, do not attempt” text and claiming freedom of speech, but these images are manipulative and harmful to our society. Repeated viewing of these ads can start to make people think that these crazy behaviors are acceptable - remember, our children are watching too.

And at a time when our environment needs our support more than ever, why should we be celebrating overly powerful, energy-inefficient vehicles and behaviors? Join me in saying enough is enough to irresponsible, dangerous car commercials. We need to do all that we can to make our roadways and communities safer.

Thank you!