#Time For A Home #Free the Refugees

#Time For A Home #Free the Refugees

20 November 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Australian Refugee Action Network

“We call on the Government to immediately release refugees and people seeking asylum from immigration detention facilities and commit to their resettlement in a safe, permanent home by World Refugee Day, 20 June 2021”

Did you know that Australia is holding hundreds of refugees in immigration detention indefinitely

All people have a right to seek asylum (protection) if they are unsafe in their own country.  These people fled danger to seek safety and freedom in Australia.  Most are recognised as refugees, but have been waiting for more than 7 years for freedom, and a secure future for themselves and their children.

Countless Parliamentary and Departmental inquiries, UN investigations, Australian Human Rights Commission reports and numerous whistleblowers, including accounts by our government’s own doctors, have repeatedly told the same stories of systematic abuse, violence and medical neglect of refugees held in immigration detention facilities. Tragically, 13 people have died in these detention centres.

Since 2013 Australia has held thousands of people in harsh conditions in detention in Nauru and PNG.  Most of these people are recognised by the UNHCR to be refugees.  What has happened to these people?

·         More than 200 young men are being held in closed immigration detention centres and so called ‘alternative places of detention’ such as the Mantra and Kangaroo Point hotels - now for over 12 months.

·         Over 1000 women, men and children were transferred to Australia for critical medical treatment (including those brought as a result of the Kids Off Nauru campaign).  Most of these people have been living in community detention for years, and have recently been cast into the community on Bridging Visas, with no income support, and limited employment prospects.  Australia is refusing to grant them permanent visas, even though they are refugees.

·         Over 290 people are still in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, and though no longer in detention, they have no safe resettlement option. Australia is still refusing to take up the offer by New Zealand to resettle these people.

·         Over 800 people have been resettled in the United States.

·         It is not reasonable for Australia to expect other countries to resettle these people - we are shirking our international and humanitarian responsibilities

After 7 long years of toxic politics and harmful policies, it’s time the Morrison government releases refugees from detention, and quickly resettles them with support into our community, so they can be safe and rebuild their lives.

·        Time for release from detention.

·         Time for safe and permanent resettlement.

·         Time for a home.







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Signatures: 1,609Next goal: 2,500
Support now

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