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Legislate to Protect endangered Koalas from Forestry logging.

The Koalas in the Bellingen-Coffs Harbour Region represent the most significant population remaining on the Coast of NSW. 
Sadly their habitat and health is under serious threat from logging and urban sprawl.
The habitat fragmentation - a direct result of logging - has caused such stress to these animals that many have begun to suffer the effects of disease; which was formerly rare in this population.

Logging in Tanja and Bermagui state forests have had similar devastating effects on Koala numbers, and futher logging is due any day now.

Koalas were recently listed as a vulnerable species under the NSW TSC Act and the Commonwealth EPBC Act.
Despite this, REAL legislation to protect their habitat is yet to occur, and the threats they face continue to mount.
Lets make sure our children and grandchildren will to be able to see Koalas in the wild!
Help us push government to legislate to protect and call a halt to the logging of their habitat.

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  • Federal Minister for sustainability, environment,
    Federal Minister Tony Parker
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    NSW Minister Robyn Paker

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