To bring back the warning signs and marked cars for Mobile Speed Cameras in NSW!

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Hi all, 

I'm starting this petition to get Mobile Speed Cameras in NSW to display the “Speed Camera Ahead” sign and re apply the Hi-Vis stickers on their vehicles again. I strongly believe it’s an outright revenue raiser and is causing more issues than it’s preventing. Example, whilst driving on a local 50km built up street where 99% of the time focusing on the road and its surroundings. Now! We’re constantly looking for white wagons and suspect looking SUV’s that may be a camera! I’ve personally noticed many cars slamming their brakes on at the sight of a white wagon minding its own business, almost causing a pile up! Not to mention the Mobile Cameras are parked 99% of the time illegally on council strips and footpaths! 

Join me on this fight and sign the petition!
NSW Revenue and the Macquarie Bank challenge accepted!