SOS.... Seasonal Tourism Operators Support Needed!

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We need the support of every “seasonal tourist related business” throughout Canada that have “fixed monthly expenses” and who have “lost revenue” because of the Covid-19 pandemic to sign our petition that we are going to submit to the Government of Canada. 

We are asking the Government of Canada and our local Governments on behalf of all of the “seasonal tourism related businesses” throughout Canada for the various Governments to provide subsidies to help cover our “fixed monthly operating expenses” and “lost revenue” because of Covid-19. 

Many “seasonal tourism related businesses”, desperately need these subsidies because of the Covid-19 pandemic in order for their businesses to stay in business for the remainder of this year and hopefully future years.

Mckinsey & company provided a fact-based research and analysis to support the development of the findings presented in the following statement, in collaboration with destination Canada (that can be found on destination Canada website) that states: driven mostly by lack of cash on hand, and the continuation of relatively fixed expenses like rent/mortgages and utilities, Covid -19 could result in the closure of ~61,000 tourism businesses and ~1.7 million total layoffs in a scenario of 60 days with 100% revenue decline.

We are asking all “seasonal tourist related businesses” to request the Government of Canada and our local Governments to approve the necessary subsidies to avoid a catastrophic event in the “seasonal tourism” industry. These subsidies would undoubtedly allow many seasonal tourist related businesses to remain in business through these unprecedented times.

We are also asking tourists and the general public to also support and sign our petition to keep tourism related businesses operational throughout this pandemic so they may be here in 2021.

Larinda’s Landing Oceanfront Cottages will submit this petition on behalf of all “seasonal tourism related businesses” and the general public, to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau for his consideration and approval.

We are asking everyone to share this petition that may help us support our request to the Government. Your signature will help us show our Government that without these small seasonal local businesses, your local economy will suffer even more then it already has.


Arthur Scott - President of RRF Recovery Resources Financial (N.S.) Inc. Operating as Larinda’s Landing Oceanfront Cottages in Boutilier’s Point, Nova Scotia.