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Since the beginning of 2019, approximately 121, 000 rainforest fires have broken out across Brazil—and more than half of those fires are taking place in the Amazon. “These fires are destroying the homes of Indigenous tribes, threatening millions of animals, and even darkening the skies with smoke over major cities”. “Similar to the US and Canada—where wildfires are typically caused by humans—the fires in the Amazon are nearly all man-made”. Both deforestation and fires are on the rise. Since 2018, fires in the Amazon alone has risen by more than 85%.

As the Amazon being the world’s largest rainforest and home to millions of plants and animals; “this abundance of life is vital to the survival of human societies, providing everything from raw materials to functioning ecosystems.” The Amazon plays a crucial role in climate regulation. The trees absorb and store most of the earth’s carbon dioxide—a key greenhouse gas that drives climate change. Trapped carbon gets released into the atmosphere due to deforestation. When trees slowly begin to decease, they slowly begin to release their carbon back into the atmosphere. Deforestation speeds up that process, causing imbalances to the ecosystem. These imbalances include changes in rainfall patterns, leading to longer dry seasons, making it harder for the Amazon’s communities to grow crops and raise livestock due to warmer and drier conditions.

One of the major reasons why these forest fires have happened so frequently is because of the policies Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, has implemented since he took office in January, 2019. Although there isn’t much we can do from a political stand point, there are plenty of ways we can still offer support.

Signing this petition is one of them.