Keep Our Venues Alive

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Reason: The Federal Government has banned all gatherings over 100 people and is likely to restrict this number further. This has already led to major cancellations of events and bookings at venues across the country and puts tens of thousands of Australian jobs at risk. It threatens to bankrupt huge numbers of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, theatres, music venues and clubs across our communities. The Federal Government must step in to provide financial support for venues. Inaction will see hundreds of venues close on our local high streets and in our communities. Canberra has already provided financial assistance for other industries and must act to protect venues from collapse.

Request: We therefore ask the Federal Government to:
1. Work with local councils to suspend Business Rates on venues for at least 3 months
2. Make a financial provision for all staff including casual staff, and self-employed people who cannot work (for at least 3 months)
3. Extend Tax Relief to the hospitality, culture and recreational sector for at least the next 3 months
4. Support Landlords to allow them to give rent holidays to businesses for at least 3 months
5. Create a fund to facilitate financial support for businesses if forced to close / or ensure government forces insurances to cover closures with an additional clause for all businesses including events and festivals