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Keep the wolves protected in Wyoming!

Wolves are inspiring and amazing creatures. They teach us many skills and help keep the ecosystem at a balance.
In 1995, after being almost wiped out to the brink of extension, their numbers began to rise again thanks to the re population of wolves in states such as Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and even Washington.
The wolves were struggling, but were able to bring their numbers to a high. But now, ranchers and farmers, even homeowners, are saying that there are just too many wolves. So after numerous years of federal protection, many of the states lifted their protection, allowing the hunting, trapping, poisoning, and killing of these majestic creatures.
What fuels peoples hatred for wolves? Are they simply intimidated by the beautiful creature? Scared that they may be their next meal? What is it? Many ranchers and farmers are blaming attacks on their livestock on the wolves, pinning the downhill slope of their income on the wolves. While as some attacks have been confirmed as the wolves doing, not all of them have and even so ,innocent wolves are taking the blame. What many of the ranchers and farmers have yet to realize, however, is the fact that if recreational and or commercial wildlife hunters hadn't downed the population of the deer, elk, and other smaller game that the wolves originally called a meal the wolves wouldn't be compelled to go after something originally not a part of their diet; livestock.
With less than 3,000 wolves in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming combined, they are at risk of dropping to the rank of endangered again in the matter of only a few short years.
Wyoming is following behind on the lifted regulations in Idaho and other Northern wolf states. We need to come together and stop the protection from being lifted!

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