Glenny's Law

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A wild turkey adopted the town of Haddon Heights, New Jersey as his own. He was first seen at Glenview Elementary School where he made friends with hundreds of children. The students named him “Glenny”. He wandered the town for months and captured the hearts of thousands of people with his antics and charming personality.

Although everyone fell in love with him, Glenny began to chase cars and everyone worried he might get hit or cause an accident. He was hardly wild anymore.

Town officials and residents explored all options. It was finally determined the best option was to call the Funny Farm Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, 39 miles away.

Some residents were upset that he was taken and called the US Dept of Agriculture and the Dept of Fish and Wildlife to complain.

Three days later, the USDA and Fish & Wildlife came to the Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary unannounced, while the owner was at work, without showing a warrant or any type of paperwork, and demanded to take Glenny, claiming he was a “nuisance” animal.

Not long after they left the Funny Farm gates, they euthanized him.

A perfectly happy, healthy, personable turkey who had a chance at a new life was now dead for no reason!

The uproar was unprecedented. News and media stations wrote stories. Social media sights exploded. No one could believe he was dead.

USDA’s story changed when they responded to media pressure and said they euthanized Glenny because he was around domestic animals. Without any testing, they killed him.

The Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary, the residents of Haddon Heights and animal lovers everywhere, want to be sure this never happens again.

The laws need to be changed!

Please support our bill proposal to Congress called, “Glenny’s Law”.