Allianz Insurance,and federal Government,pay my disabled son ,what he is owed

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Allianz Insurance,and federal Government,pay my disabled son ,what he is owed

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stephen quintano started this petition to Nicholas Schofield (Allianz Insurance) and

 This petition is pretty lengthy and a bit confusing,so i thought i would just make a brief ,story ,then if people want they can read the whole saga

Its about my disabled son,who was first involved in a serious bike accident coming home from work,he was given the run around over a simple open and shut case,but because  it was going to cost Allianz Insurance alot of money they stalled for over three years,till my son then was shot in a night club ,left permanetly disabled,Then Allianz pulled his claim for his leg injury ,and only paid him a fraction of his claim,and then he  was awarded over $4million plus expences for his shooting injury,only to be denied his claim

,as the Insurance company from Caymann Islands had been deregistered,and our Governing bodies,Asics and Aphra,where fully aware ,of the this and did nothing,so my son was in a night club who was paying Insurance ,to a overseas company which had been deregistered,

   Now we have applied to the Federal Government under the accountability act ,for a act of grace payment ,which he is intitled to plus needs,as thats why the money was awarded,but the Government refuse,to honour there duty,and Allinaz refuse to pay what they owe

The same previous Government who originally knocked back his claim ,after years of deliberating,awarded Peter Slipper ,a Gracia Payment over night,where he wasnt intitled to it,So we have then applied to a new Government ,but they also are not interested

  You can read the whole story   ,but this is it in brief ,please sign and share,as if our system can do this to the disabled  ,over a compensation claim ,and a victim of crime,who is safe,plus our governing bodies have no accountability,for the gross incompetence


       Thank you    Stephen Quintano








 Please Read this petition,as you will learn  how the federal government and Allianz Insurance are capable of doing gross injustice to the people who deserve it most,and unless exposed ,will do what they like,so please read my sons petition,and i am sure you will sign,as we all could be subject to there behaviour,some day,or someone in your family or someone close to you

 Luke was coming home from work on his motor bike,was almost killed by a driver making a u- turn in front of him.His leg was so badly injured with compound fractures ,he was lucky it wasn't amputated.He was 21 years old at the time.

 You might think gaining compensation for a serious accident as this might be simple and clear cut,but it has been anything but that

As after years of assessing,and attending countless specialists and waiting ,the insurer ALLIANZ ,said they  could now settle his claim,within a couple of days.But then said they had made a mistake as they had him assessed the(old way),and they to start the process again,making new appoitments with specialist  and having Luke re assessed the (new way)

The new reassessments showed he was clearly over the threshold of  body impairment  and was intitled to (full compensation).As he was 21 years old he was to received $500 a week for 44 years,to cover future economic loss.It took a further 5 months to arrange a phone conference to conduct the settlement.This was scheduled to occur in the January.

One month before the schelduled settlement something even more shocking and tragic happened.Luke and a group of colleauges went to a night club and while there he was shot in the head.Luke was left confined to a wheel chair,paralysed down one side,loss of a eye and severe brain damage

Rather  than ALLIANZ acting upon  all the information gathered from the years of assessments,they paid him only a fraction of his claim,stating that his future economic loss would be paid by the claim he would make as a result of the gun shot

The courts then awarded Luke $4000,000 compensation for the injury suffered from being shot in the head,but he never received the money because the clubs insurer had been deregistered ,and the club had been paying insurance,to a insurance company which  were insolvent .

ASICS and APHRA were fully aware of this and yet put the AUSTRALIAN public at risk of something like this occurring by taking no action.They though are immune to being sued for such negligence,even though they admitted to there behaviour.The Federal Government response was that they are acting in good faith

The night club where luke was shot ,were still paying premiums for insurance that never exsisted .The directors who where still selling premiums to the Australian people while insolvent have never been bought to justice  .This occurred because of ASICS and APHRAS gross incompetence

AS they area a Government body ,it is appropriate to apply for a(ACT OF GRACE PAYMENT)-a payment from the Federal Government,under the accountability act.But the Government refuses to follow legisliation.ALLIANZ got away with paying what they should .A fradudulent company is not held responsible and the Federal Government don't want to follow legisliation

This occurred under the previous Labour Government ,as after 5 years ,and just before the election decided they didn't want to follow legisliation.then with a change of Government we applied to the Liberal Government to review this disgraceful situation,

You might be able to imagine the distress and stress all this caused my brain Damaged son

In the meantime ,we appeared on ABC news and then interviewed by Tim Webster,on 2ue radio

With nothing eventuating in the courts and getting no action from the Government ,we asked Allianz to pay what they originally owed.

ALLIANZ claimed my son had been paid his full amount,which is a lie,so I offered to have his claim assessed by two independent arbitrators,to look at the original claim.They ignored  this.ALLIANZ then claimed threats and harassment and threated me with Police action,claiming threats that where never made.

My son and I are not the only one making these claims against ALLIANZ,as since we started this petition we have had many people come forward with incidences of similar treatment by ALLIANZ.

Is this acceptable way for a insurer,namely ALLIANZ ,and the Federal Government to treat the disabled,or any person who is a victim of crime?


This is gross unfairness,when Peter Slipper(who was speaker of the house  in Parliament)was awarded by the same Government a gracia payment overnight,and at the same time a person severly disabled-a victim of crime-suffering  due to the gross incompetence,who rightly deserves it more,gets no action or compensation at all,

We are all at risk if insurance companies can take your money  then use every sneeky way to get out of paying ,then threaten to go to Police when you question their behaviour.

We are all at risk when out Governing Bodies ,who are there to protect the Australian people from fraud and injustices,are not made accountable,due to the immunity of (Acting in so called good faith)

We are also at risk when ASICS and APHRA are not held accountable.

We are all at risk when the criminal companies are not prosecuted for selling policies when they are de-registered

Please sign to help my son get the compensation he deserves,Lets put insurers such as ALLIANZ on notice,as they cant continue this way,and lets make our Governing Bodies ACCOUNTABLE ,not hide under the Banner of IMMUNITY

well after waiting 10 months for the federal government plus Allianz to pay what they own,we have finially received a decision ,they claim thats the federal government ,that they are not responsible for my sons bike accident,the issue is with Asics and Aphra,not one word was mentioned about them,which shows that they are liable for this disgrace,and clearly shows the disgrace on both sides of Government,it shows that the last election where the federal Liberal government where nearly replaced,due to bad government nothing has changed,and Allianz responce is just do more Advertising ,with the money they owe people,as many have come forward talking how they have been ripped of by Allianz












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