Justice for First Nation Children

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The First Nations people and children are being discriminated against by the federal government and very little is being done to solve this issue. The main problem which is the fact that many first nations kids are being taken away or “abducted” as some might say from their families lies in the federal government's hands. The problem begins with families not having enough resources to support their children, in this case child welfare services comes in and provides the family with money and worst case scenario  takes them from their families. The heart of the problem is that the federal government's budget is at least 22 percent less per child in the aboriginal communities than what the provincial government dedicates for child welfare services in other communities. Therefore, when child welfare services can not provide the families with the money they need, there is no option but to take the child from their homes which is supposed to be a last resort but instead is now very common. Help me get the federal governments attention to this issue. Lets show them how much we care and how much they should!