WE, THE PACIFIST CITIZENS of Canada, claim our right to conscientious objection and solicit the Federal Government to re-open and support Bill C-272 of Non-Complicity in wars.

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We, pacifist Canadian Citizens, claim our absolute right as “objectors of  conscience or religion” regarding the use of taxes for military purposes, in relation to Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of human Rights.

The federal government currently spends about $ 25 billion annually of taxpayers' money, a significant portion of our taxes, for what it calls the war effort. We live in a time when military spending is unprecedented in the world. In Canada, between 7 and 8 % of the national budget is attributed to the promotion of a militaristic culture that feeds on fear, violence and wars. Moreover, each year $ 1 747 000 000 000 USD (1.8 trillion) - an almost unimaginable amount of money - are wasted worldwide in military budgets. 

Meanwhile, more than 11% of the Canadian population lives below the poverty line and the number of homeless is rising across the country (at least 200,000 people are homeless in Canada, more than 30,000 of them sleep outside, rain or shine, summer or winter). Among the problems that Canada also faces, Canadian students bear the consequences and find themselves submerged under a mountain of debt, while the educational and research systems, which are vital for the proper development of our society, are mired in mediocrity for lack of funds public.

It is through its pacifist values that the Canadian Raelian movement encourages all visionaries of a peaceful world, all pacifist citizens, regardless of their religion or political allegiance, to sign the petition for acceptance of Bill C-272 of Non-Complicity in wars. This bill allows conscientious objection to the use of taxes for military purposes, so that our conscientious choices finally be considered by the Canadian government, and that it is no longer free to use our tax dollars on our behalf for any military purposes.

As Rael says: “Love is the only possible way for the survival of humanity. There is no other way possible.”

Thus, Canada could pave the way towards peace and prosperity for the entire planet. 

Link: Text of Bill C-272