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Reinstate Barry Gilliam on FedEx Ground, an important and valued member of the East Hampton and Wainscott communities.

Letter to
CEO, Federal Express Mr. Frederick Smith
CEO, Federal Express Ground Mr. David Rebholz
This petition is a campaign to get Fedex Ground to reinstate Barry Gilliam on his routes in East Hampton and Wainscott, NY. If necessary, we would like Federal Express to assist Ground in this effort. Never without a smile on his face, Barry Gilliam made deliveries daily to both businesses and residents in East Hampton and Wainscott, NY. No matter how bad your day was going, when Barry walked in the door your mood instantly lifted and you found yourself smiling and laughing and sharing a few quality moments with a good friend. Barry is everyone’s good friend; everyone has his cell phone number and knows they can depend on him to pick up and deliver their packages with the greatest of care. He is the hometown son, a kindhearted soul who always gives the hearty wave and enthusiastic beep of the horn when he drives by.
On October 11, 2012 Barry delivered his last packages for FedEx Ground. His contract was terminated that day after 11 years of service due to issues with Barry’s corporation according to the statements released by FedEx. Despite the company’s insistence that Barry had months to correct the “issues” the time frame given was the high season of East Hampton when the population nearly triples and taking any time off would have been nearly impossible. Even though Barry notified the local Ground station in Holbrook, NY he was working with an attorney to remedy the situation and requested an extension to complete the compliance issues and was assured by management that he had nothing to worry about, the extension was denied and his contract was terminated. After 11 years of exemplary service. 11 years of giving 100% day in and day out with the heaviest of packages and the longest of days. 11 years, most of them spent on the eastern end of Long Island where the insane traffic and lack of parking would drive even Gandhi to the dark side but not Barry. Even on the days that would be considered ground zero in the village of East Hampton, like a rainy Friday in August, where every vacationer is in town and cranky because it’s not a beach day, when traffic is bumper to bumper and drivers are honking and fighting over parking spaces, Barry is still smiling, somehow maneuvering his truck out of everyone’s way and delivering packages in a timely and efficient manner.

Not just one or two shopkeepers appreciated Barry’s fine service, not just one or two residents; it was the whole town of East Hampton. Every single customer on his route was made to feel that he or she was the most important customer, the most special person, every single day, for 11 years. Since his termination, every driver, from both FedEx and UPS has been pelted with questions, comments, and complaints about the fact that Barry is no longer delivering in East Hampton. The entire population is up in arms, deeply disturbed that FedEx found it necessary to terminate the best face they ever had representing their brand instead of working out a solution to the compliance issue. Add to that allegations now leaking out about workplace violations, abuse, and discrimination at the Holbrook station and the whole situation begins to smell rotten.
All of Barry’s customers, which are practically everyone in the towns of East Hampton and Wainscott, NY urge FedEx and FedEx Ground to iron out any issues with Barry Gilliam to bring him into compliance and reinstate him to his routes on eastern Long Island. We also seek an investigation into alleged unsavory business practices at the Holbrook station.

Until Barry’s reinstatement we will use UPS and USPS wherever possible. We will urge our vendors, friends, and family members to do the same.

Surely Fedex can see the value of a special individual like Barry, a good will ambassador for the company. A man that has given his all for 11 years to FedEx and his customers cannot be replaced and deserves reinstatement.

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