Ban vaping devices in the United States

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We need the FDA to ban Juul, e-cigarettes, and other vaping devices. These products have many hidden dangers. They are made with chemicals that can harm people. Middle School children and High School children are now following the trend of vaping. These devices are so discreet that they can vape in school and disrupt the learning environment for other children. Students are putting THC into their Juul and other vaping devices and are getting high while at school and under their parents' noses. These children do not understand the risk and schools are trying to figure out how to prevent them. Juul looks like a USB drive and students can do it in the classroom without teachers knowing because students have learned to inhale and not exhale. I have heard of lungs bursting, the battery exploding in their faces, and other harmful effects. Nicotine, THC, and the other chemicals that are in these pods affect our children as their brains are not fully developed. Other countries have banned vaping,Juul, and other devices that are similar. We need to protect the health of the public and our children.

Have the FDA ban and make illegal these devices. If they are not sold and the pods with all the chemicals are not sold then children will not be able to get ahold of them.