Zhenbo Gao should be sentenced to jail for the torture of an Echidna

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I believe that Zhenbo Gao deserves a heavier sentence for the torture and murder of an innocent Echidna, a shy-natured and infrequently seen native animal that is endemic to Australia. I believe 18 months probation is not enough for Zhenbo Gao to learn his lesson and to not reoffend. I am honestly terrified for the Australian wildlife that live anywhere near where this monster resides.

"Mr Gao admitted to previously tormenting lizards, koalas and possums before the echidna met his untimely death.

According to the statement of facts, Gao dropped the innocent creature, then he proceeded to hurl football-sized rocks at him until he came out of hiding again.

Even after the echidna’s horrific death, Mr Gao continued to examine and photograph the animal until he was caught by campus security guards who later called the RSPCA.

An autopsy report revealed the full extent of Mr Echidna’s wounds, which included haemorrhaging, broken quills and bruising.

“The findings of the autopsy indicate that the echidna died from blunt force trauma and would have endured significant pain and suffering, as well as fear and terror, in the process,” the statement of facts said."