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Abuses On Amateur Radio Bands

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Over the past several years there has been a recent trend of abuses within the amateur radio bands. One such band notably is 20 Meters. Within 20 Meters, for instance, on 14.313 MHz there are abusive activities occurring in the form of cursing, jamming, and unruly speech. Other instances occur on 2, 10, 40, and 80 Meters. Some of my fellow hams have revealed that they were forced to shut down their repeater on 2 Meters because of the constant cursing, jamming, and unruly speech while others have stated they have been physically threatened, stalked, and harassed. There has been an instance where one ham operator's boss on the job was called by some unruly ham operators in an attempt to get that ham operator fired from his job. Though many of my fellow hams will readily encourage other hams to stay away from 14.313 MHz or other frequencies within a band where cursing, jamming, and unruly speech takes place, this in all truth is unacceptable because no one owns a band or frequency or a monopoly on any band or frequency within the amateur radio spectrum. The majority of amateur radio operators play by the rules, have studied hard to obtain their license granted by the FCC to get on the air, and have or are investing a lot of money in the purchase of amateur radio equipment, therefore, it is simply unacceptable to be forced to avoid a band or frequency due to constant and unruly activity on that band or frequency. To get a better understanding go to:

Although amateur radio is a hobby to millions around the world it is also a lifesaver to other millions around the world. Keep in mind there are still places around the world in this day and time where many people don't have access to a telephone that many others take for granted who have access to telephones. Having a ham radio is their only way to communicate to the outside world. When a disaster strikes and cellphone towers including phone lines becomes damaged causing a communications blackout thereby rendering a telephone useless and someone is seriously injured or near death needing immediate help who do you think that person relies upon? Amateur Radio Operators and this has been proven over and over again and the record speaks for itself. I am asking my fellow hams to join me by signing a petition asking the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission to petition Congress and the President to ask other governments around the world to come together and aggressively crack down on those who abuse the amateur radio airwaves in the hopes it will send a powerful message that this kind of conduct is simply unacceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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