Shut down EVIL suicide assisted website Sanctioned Suicide!!!!

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These predators that run this website prey on depressed, fragile, and vulnerable people.   They encourage people (sadly my daughter was one of them) to take their lives.   This website is not on the dark web and is open for anyone to see. You do not need an account.  Children are on this site.  They have diagrams, videos and instructions on how to hang yourself correctly, poison yourself, and many other ways. They include the people that are confirmed dead as “success stories”. My daughter Shawn is included in this.  It’s disgusting.
They have incels running this group, along with cult members involved with pedophilia and possible trafficking.   They have been involved with members targeting women in particular and persuading them to meet with him so he could kill them so “their families won’t hate them for killing themselves”.  
We NEED to shut this down.  This is NOT freedom of speech.  This is MURDER.   So many lives, especially children, have died at their hands.  
We need to prosecute these people and shut them down!!!!!!   A website like this should not exist so openly for children to have access to.  And no way our children should be sucked into a darkness that is out there to push them to end their lives.   We have to protect our vulnerable and most precious.