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Require Federal Background Checks for all firearms sold in the United States.

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We live in a time when mass shootings are more common than days of the year and nothing but “prayers” are given to the families that lost their family to a gunman in America. With the overwhelming majority of Americans supporting Mandatory Background checks for guns (about 93%), Congress and the POTUS decide to do nothing. Nothing except taking legalized bribes from weapons manufacturers that is. It isn’t an issue of partisanship as most of America wants more reasonable gun legislation, so why isn’t anything done about it? Give more than “thoughts and prayers” in hopes that people won’t use the mounds of guns they have to kill others, instead let us prevent them from unjustifiably murdering innocent civilians. In America, there seems to be a craze for weapons with about 89 guns per 100 people in the United States with about one mass shooting (4 or more people injured/killed) a day. This isn’t an issue that solves itself. It isn't an issue of race or religion, it is an issue regarding the very fundamentals of being a person. The latest example of the broken system led to a tragedy in Las Vegas. Out of the average 33,000 deaths caused by firearms a year in the United States(suicide, homicide, and accidental deaths), almost 60 of them took place on the first of October, where a 64 man open fire on innocent citizens attending a country concert. We don't only need this, but we as the people of America need a reform in our entire judicial system. We need more funding for mental illnesses in America and the reduction in prescription drug prices to make them more available for those that need them.We need a focus on what is best for America, not big corporations that pay off politicians.We need these Federal Background checks for the sake of every American.

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