Tell The FAA To Change Evacuation Regulations Following Tragic Aeroflot Crash

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Following the tragic May 5, 2019 Aeroflot crash, it’s become immediately apparent that U.S. evacuation regulations are not sufficient in their current form.  Flight Attendant Maxim Moiseev and 40 other passengers lost their lives due to a fire that consumed the aircraft immediately after landing.  All of the passengers and flight crew that burned alive were in the aft section of the aircraft.  Numerous passengers, including a “passenger of size,” blocked the aisle causing a substantial delay while they stopped to retrieve their backpacks and carry-on bags from the overhead bins.  This was undoubtedly solely responsible for countless unnecessary agonizing deaths. 

Please tell the FAA that we cannot wait for this tragedy to repeat itself on U.S. soil.  I’d propose making it a federal crime for retrieving ANY personal belongings during an unplanned emergency evacuation.  Furthermore, the FAA should immediately look into electronically locking overhead bins that are controlled solely by the crew to prevent unnecessary delays during a tragedy. 

Eric Reed is an current Airbus captain for a major U.S. carrier.