Stop the useless regulation of RC hobby aviation by the FAA

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The implementation of useless regulation on RC hobbyists such as the recent Remote ID rules are not effective against threats using UAS and only hurt the hobby community by making the hobby more expensive, more intimidating and less accessible to enter.

The FAA's website states that "Remote ID would assist the FAA, law enforcement, and Federal security agencies when a UAS appears to be flying in an unsafe manner or where the drone is not allowed to fly."

It could be argued and has been proven time and again that criminals have no intent to follow law, rules and regulations and will obviously not install these remote id systems on their aircraft.

These types of rules should only apply to UAS operations outside of typical recreational RC flights.

I feel that the AMA has shown that they have no intent to fully represent the values and opinions of their members and the RC modeling community and instead, will use these new rules as a way to force anyone with an aircraft weighing above 1 kg (2.205 lbs) to either buy an AMA membership and only fly at chartered AMA flying fields or buy additional (and likely expensive) equipment to make their aircraft Remote ID compliant.

In short, rules like these will only effect and oppress law abiding citizens and will not be followed by criminals with malicious intent.

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