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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA): Allow e-readers and other safe devices to be used at all times during flights

The FAA's Archaic Regulations on eReaders, Tablets and Other Safe Personal Electronic Devices Make No Sense and Ought to Be Changed

One of the most annoying things about flying these days is that pesky PA announcement telling us to turn off all personal electronic devices, including any readers and tablets. I suspect I'm not alone in feeling put off. 

This regulation is all in the service of a "safety" issue that simply doesn't exist. Studies have shown that devices like my Kindle don't emit enough of anything to disturb cockpit function. The FCC knows this, and its Chairman has recently written a letter to the FAA recommending that electronic readers be permitted during take off and landing. This could easily fix half an hour or more of wasted time on each flight for each passenger. Happily, the FAA has stated it will review its policy, and I'd like them to hear from some real consumers.

So if you agree with the simple logic that we should be allowed to use eReaders throughout the flight to enjoy digital media, please consider signing my petition here and help us send a message to the FAA in time to affect their new regs.

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