Reform Campus and College Safety, Save Lives & Get 911 Medical Care on College Checklists

Reform Campus and College Safety, Save Lives & Get 911 Medical Care on College Checklists

January 22, 2021
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Why this petition matters

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Attention! Colleges and campuses may not be as safe as you think.

Did you know that...

  • accidents are estimated to be the leading cause of college student death by far?..
  • colleges are not required to publicly report all serious accidents and student deaths?
  • most students and families don’t think about available 911 Medical Care when making their College Checklists?   

Please help make our colleges safer and save lives by signing this petition to: 

  • Enact legislation to require colleges to publicly report all serious accidents (911 calls) and student deaths on or near campuses, while protecting student and family privacy;
  • Adopt protocols to ensure students have access to the best possible emergency care (Trauma Level 1); and
  • Require college websites (a) to post the college-associated and other relevant health facility (name, website/link) that provides emergency medical services to students in response to 911 calls, and (b) if this facility is not a Trauma-1, post the location of nearest Trauma-1 facility.

Our collective signatures call for reforms to expand our publicly reported college safety measurements which should incentivize funding to all aspects of campus and college safety. They also call for colleges to make information about their associated 911 Health Care easily accessible to the public. Visit us and join our community  and on Facebook & Instagram 

The Story of a Fatal Accident Exposing the Need for Change

Our beloved son Corey Hausman who was 18 years old and a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder died tragically as a result of a fall while traveling on his skateboard across campus. He was heading to a friend’s dorm, it was dinnertime! The accident occurred on the fifteenth day of his first semester. Corey’s was the third campus death tallied in those first fifteen days. We don’t know how many other students died that year because statistically, deaths are not tracked. We were stunned to learn they are simply removed from the college’s headcount, similar to how a student’s withdrawal or transfer is accounted for. This adjustment occurs so that there is not a negative impact on the college’s metrics (retention and graduation data).   

Corey was taken alone to a community hospital where he died within 7 hours. Transporting him to the highest level of care available, Trauma-1 (Denver Health) was not considered. Two thousand miles away in Connecticut, we had zero opportunity to impact his care. 911 Medical Care was not on our checklist of considerations in selecting or preparing for our son’ drop off. We wish it had.

The college has failed to make the physical safety improvements to the problematic pathway that they identified and provided to us in writing five days after the accident.  Why? Possibly because neither Corey’s accident or his death were the type of events that are accounted for on his college’s publicly reported  Security and Fire Safety Report. This Federally required report focuses on crime or fire related events only. A huge void exists in our college’s public safety reporting system. With your help and signature, we hope to lessen this void, save lives and make 911 Medical Care a priority for colleges, students and families.

Sincere thanks for your interest and action!


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Signatures: 4,613Next Goal: 5,000
Support now