Feature Stockton, California—birthplace of The Fantastic Four—in the MCU's Upcoming Film

Feature Stockton, California—birthplace of The Fantastic Four—in the MCU's Upcoming Film

February 23, 2023
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Started by Visit Stockton

As an homage to Stan Lee & Marvel Comics making Stockton, California the birthplace of the Fantastic Four back in 1986, we're campaigning for Marvel Studios to feature Stockton in the upcoming MCU's Fantastic Four film.

There once was an idea to form a city in Northern California. One that would provide a home for a remarkable community. A community that would embody what the late, great Stan Lee himself professed Marvel to be all about: respect and diversity. That city is Stockton, CA—a city worthy of being featured in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film THE FANTASTIC FOUR.

Why Stockton? Well, we’ll get right to the meat of it. In 1985, Stockton’s Al Greco—owner of Al's Comics—led a petition to get Stan Lee to come to Stockton for a meet and greet at the shop. After over 300 verified Marvel and Stan Lee fans signed it, the date was set for Stan to visit. Meanwhile, upon hearing this news, resident comic guru Joe Field wanted to give The Fantastic Four an actual, real-life home like most other Marvel characters instead of the fictional Central City, and for that factual city of their origin to be Stockton.

Downtown Stockton.

When a radio proposal & a City Council resolution urging Marvel garnered city-wide support and national news attention, Joe’s request eventually caught the ear of Stan Lee himself—and Stan was all for it. In February of 1986, Stan made his way to the 209. With the backing of Marvel Comics, he proclaimed that Stockton, CA would from that day forward be known as “the birthplace of The Fantastic Four.” Stan then spent the rest of the day signing autographs and meeting his fanbase in our area at Al's Comics.

KCRA 3 News Reports: A Comic Idea by Rich Ibarra

How Stockton, California Joined The Marvel Universe

Stan Lee & Joe Field on the steps of Stockton City Hall.

Stan Lee with Mike Greco at Al's Comics.

A few months later, The Fantastic Four Vol. 1 Issue 296 was released—featuring Stockton has the home in the storyline. Our city would go on to be featured in future Fantastic Four stories Marvels: Eye of the Camera Vol.11 (Dec. 2008) and The Fantastic Four Season 1 Vol. 11 (October 2011).

Aside from its acquired foundation in the literary Marvel Universe, Stockton is a perfect home for these Marvel heroes. As Stan once said in a video to his fans, “Marvel has always been and always will be a reflection of the world right outside our window.” Marvel is a home for ALL people and ALL stories, “no matter their race, gender, religion, or color of their skin.” These words from Stan resemble the community that resides here in Stockton.

In 2020, a study found Stockton, CA to be “the most diverse city in the nation.” Our city contains an abundance of cultures that include Black, Latin, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Pacific Islander, Jewish, Italian, Indian, Greek, German, Portuguese, and so many more. Moreover, Stockton’s LGBTQ+ has grown exponentially and has their voices heard through their many fundraising events and celebrations.

4 Reasons Why Stockton is the Most Diverse City in the Nation

At one time, Stockton was known as "Hollywood North," with numerous film and television productions setting up shop right here. Major motion pictures like COOL HAND LUKE and the academy award-winning FAT CITY were filmed all over Stockton. Additionally, the University of the Pacific—the renowned university based in Stockton—was featured as the university employment of such characters as Professor Henry “Indiana” Jones in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC and Professor Philip Brainard in FLUBBER. Plus, University of the Pacific was also the college of choice for legendary actress Janet Leigh and her Golden Globe, SAG Award, and Academy Award-winning daughter Jamie Lee Curtis.

Filmed in Stockton: 8 Movies You Need To Watch

The University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music building playing the role of Marshall College in "Raiders of the Lost Arc.".A still from Raiders of the Lost Ark, featuring the University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music building as "Marshall College."

University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music building today.

University of the Pacific's Morris Chapel.

Burns Tower at University of the Pacific.

Stockton’s Weber Point provides a lovely, open events center with a gorgeous view of our Delta, with the Stockton Arena and Banner Island Ballpark as part of the waterfront scenery. The cinematic buildings in our thriving downtown feature an architecture that feels like it’s plucked right from the 1800s. Chung Wah Lane is a gorgeous landmark that honors the Asian cultures that helped build this city. Plus, there’s the vast agriculture outside the city that has provided delicious produce that has fed not only our city, but as well as the nation.

Weber Point Events Center.

Weber Point and Downtown Stockton at night.

Chung Wah Lane in Downtown Stockton.

Plus, think of the other cities in the MCU. New York City houses The Avengers, Oakland was featured in Black Panther, and San Francisco is the home of Shang-Chi and Ant-Man & The Wasp. Stockton fits just right with those spots as a resilient city that marches forward for the good of its people—just like all of Marvel’s heroes, including The Fantastic Four.

We could go on and on, but we believe our case has been made. Stockton is the literary home of The Fantastic Four, as once proclaimed by Stan “The Man” Lee. It embodies the acceptance and respect for ALL people that Marvel stands for. It has a history of providing wonderous scenery for past cinematic productions and therefore is more than deserving of being the on-screen, live-action home for The Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Bob Hope Fox Theatre in Downtown Stockton at sunset.

Scenic sunset shot in Downtown Stockton.

Hotel Stockton in Downtown Stockton.

So, to Mr. Kevin Feige, Mr. Louis D’Esposito, Mr. Bob Iger, and everyone else in and involved with Marvel Studios: What do you say?

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Signatures: 5,823Next Goal: 7,500
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