DEAR FDA - Save Our Sumatrans!

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There are only a few hundred Sumatran Tigers left on the planet. Only a small handful exist on the island of Sumatra, and others in zoos around the globe. Another species that coexists with the tigers are palm fruit trees. Many years ago, this wild and vast species worked as a backbone for the Indonesian ecosystem. Although, now-a-days, the palm fruit trees are being used for extraction of palm oil, destroying the tiger’s native home. Palm oil from the trees is used in over half of shelved food products seen on grocery shelves. Indonesia and Malaysia are responsible for 85% of palm oil exports and production. Although there are thousands of acres devoted to the Mediterranean practices for growing palm fruit trees, they are domesticated and enclosed for human use only. Tiger's do not have access to these trees and therefore have no safe place to live.

Today we propose the use of yeast in replacement of palm oil from palm fruit trees. Yeast is  microscopic fungus which is practically everywhere; in your body, on your skin, in the air, in the earth, etc. Yeast is a perfect alternative which shows no difference in taste for the foods with palm oil. Even some engineers and scientists are toying with this idea to reduce environmental devastation as well according to Claire Hayhurst, on Please sign the petition today, this is for the safety of our domesticated and wild tigers before they go extinct forever.