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FDA: Post consumer warnings where we can see them!

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Every day, every person in this country faces potentially lethal food products. You and your loved ones are at risk every time you bring home groceries!

Have you heard of the FDA Reportable Food Registry that lists products that have a “reasonable probability of causing serious adverse effects”? I had never even heard of it - and it cost my dog his life. Will my children, spouse, parents or friends be the next victims?

Bella, Cali, Ginger, Heidi, Sampson, Sarge, Shelbie… These are just a few of the over 3,500 dogs reported to have been sickened or killed by chicken jerky dog treats – with untold thousands unreported. How could this happen – and still be happening? The answer: The warnings about this danger are ONLY available on the FDA website.

My name is Ray Parker, and my beloved companion Sarge was a victim. Days after eating one of these treats, days of suffering, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go. I had no idea that there was (and still is) a major ongoing investigation by the FDA - there was no warning on the package nor was there any warning posted on the shelf where they were displayed. Searching for answers, I went to my computer. I learned -- too late – that the FDA has been investigating jerky treats for years!

The danger doesn't stop at pet treats. Prescription drugs, baby formula, black licorice and pet treats are just some of items that are currently under FDA Advisory. The only way to find these warnings is to search on-line. The average consumer doesn't compare their grocery list to the FDA website, nor should they be expected to do so. And if you don't have internet access, how are you supposed to learn what products might be putting your family at risk?

The FDA has always claimed their hands are tied when it comes to warning consumers about reported products at the point of sale, but this is no longer true. In 2011, Congress finally enacted - and President Obama signed into law - the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which explicitly gives the FDA this authority.

With just a simple piece of paper posted on store shelves, millions of American families can be spared the consequences of purchasing potentially dangerous products. There are so many loopholes that allow hazards to reach our homes and families. This is our last line of defense!

I believe that the FDA has the responsibility to inform consumers of possible risks and we have the RIGHT to make informed decisions. A trip to the grocery store should not be deadly! If you agree, please join us in signing this petition demanding that the FDA and your representatives:

• IMPLEMENT FSMA SECTION 211 requiring warnings to be prominently displayed in stores.

• AMEND FSMA SECTION 211 to include all retailers, not just major chains.

• SPECIFY THAT WRITTEN WARNINGS must be displayed with the affected product, not just at the cash register.



(If you have been a victim of the FDA’s warning system, please share your story in the comments. To learn more about our group, the link between jerky pet treats and illnesses, or the Food Safety Modernization Act, see the links under “News” at the bottom of the petition page.)


S. Raymond Parker

Co-Administrator of ‘Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China!’

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