Petition to make orange juice made of purely fruit

Petition to make orange juice made of purely fruit

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The following was written by Hobbs Hernandez:


This makes no sense.

Orange juice is regarded as a very healthy drink. While some of that is true, it can be more true. Those drinks have sugars in them, making them sweeter. Oh, you say, it’s just to make it taste better. Yes, you are correct, but there is another reason why they make it sweeter than the “fruit” it comes from. 

That reason is to lure people into sales. I’m not a fan of plain oranges, but it’s better to grow them, not spend money buying a drink that costs at least $3 when I can have infinite for free.

All you have to do to make good juice is put it in a juicer. Don’t like pulp? You should probably face your fear and drink it with pulp. Pulp is very good for you.

That’s one of my reasons. Store-bought orange juice is filled with sugar. Every time you sip, sugar. Every time you swallow, sugar. Sure, they aren’t lying saying there are vitamins in it, but all that sugar is like a giant tsunami and the vitamins are the people stranded there. On the other hand, homemade orange juice is the exact opposite. Fruits have sugar in them, but that sugar is healthy, unlike sugarcane sugar. That tsunami, once sugar, is now vitamins. Who’s stranded now, huh?

 I know there is one brand, Simply ®. With Simply ® orange juice, their fight is a fairer version of the great sugar tsunami. The vitamins are a bomber plane. And the sugar is a tank with very poor aim.

 Here is my last reason. If you make orange juice with no added sugars, kids around the world will think “Hey, I wish I created this stuff.” They will be more healthy and stronger than ever. Same with the people that still drink that stuff, to this day, at ages from 20-46,785,400, maybe you won’t think what children may think, but you will be healthy and strong. If you work out, you will be the strongest person in your city/town. Orange juice is healthy for you even if it’s store bought. Not the healthiest, but healthy. Now imagine that, but 3x more healthier. You can’t believe it because of what we are buying at the moment. Every time you buy orange juice, the amount of sugar is very high. But, if you resort to no added sugar orange juice, you will believe it. Because you have drunk it and know it is way more healthier than store-bought orange juice.

 Orange juice is healthy. It can be healthier. This must be changed if you don’t want to be dependent on stores. Suppose you go into a nuclear fallout shelter for 5 years because a foreign country (,not naming anyone,) is launching nukes at you and all those greenhouses and stores are gone. Where are you going to get your orange juice? Suppose a war is happening right where you live and you have to hide somewhere. Where are you going to get your orange juice? Well, before any of that monstrosity happens, buy an orange tree. You can have oranges forever. Nuclear weapons coming your way? You got orange Juice. A war steaming towards you? You got orange juice. I’m pretty sure in your and my life, that won’t ever happen, so how about a more common thing.






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35 have signed. Let’s get to 50!