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FDA,MHRA and EMA: Make SSRI,SNRI drug companies put side effects and withdrawal effects on the packets.

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SSRI and SNRi drugs like Prozac,Paxil/Seroxat,Zoloft,Lexapro,Citalopram,Effexor,Cymbalta etc are given to patients for minor disorders like depression and anxiety.
these drugs are often prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists on the theory of a chemical imbalance in the brain.which isnt truthful.
there isnt any proof of a chemical imbalance.
these drugs can cause physical addiction which may be denied by the prescribing doctor or psychiatrist.
leaving the patient alone in their suffering.
no proper program exists to withdraw safely from these drugs.
patients are left having to contact other sufferers on social network sites to get help.
withdrawl symptoms can be very severe and the effects of the drugs can cause brain and organ damage often leaving the patient in pain for years or even permanently as proven in Dr Peter Breggins book
Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry .
these drugs are highly dangerous and yet are given out on a daily basis to "cure"
mental anguish.
when in truth they fair no better in drug trials than placebo or sugar pills at curing any mental health issues and only numb the brain to real emotions.
the drug trial facts are often hidden or manipulated in favour of the drug being effective.
proven drug trial manipulation facts , by companies such as Glaxosmithkline and Eli Lilly and others are widely available.
as in the panorama program,paxil study 329 and information provided on dr Peter Breggins website as well as others doing research into the massive cover ups.
there's massive amounts of data proving these drugs induce Akathisia,mania,psychosis ,suicide and murder as proven by Dr Peter Breggin ,Dr Ann Blake Tracy,Dr David Healy and others.
hidden facts on cases of suicide in these drug trials is also available on Dr Peter Breggins well as in articles by Dr David Healy and in Dr Ann Blke Tracys's book prozac panacea or pandora ?
psychiatrists and doctors will often deny that a patient is suffering and will recomend an increase or change in brand of drug as well as psychiatric treatment because of a false belief that these drugs do not cause withdrawal and brain damage.
the evidence is clear and precise.
lets change the way these drugs are prescribed.
stop the false information given on issuing of prescriptions.
get drug companies to issue warnings on the packets of the dangers including suicide ideation,homicide ideation,mania,psychosis and brain damage.for all patients.
lets have the true data from drug trials made available.
lets get the information on these drugs written on the packets and bottles and available to everybody before a prescription is handed out and stop the corruption and handouts to psychiatrists and doctors to encourage biased thinking in the way the drugs are promoted and prescribed.
your help and support is of the utmost urgence in this matter.
today,someone you know could be given these drugs and begin the terrible journey of pain,anguish and even death because of it.
just as i have and many ,many others too.
thank you for your support,
Paul Pezzack.

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