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FDA: Don’t shut down our access to needed stem cell therapy treatment

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I’m Roxana and I’ve been living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for the past 14 years. I have good days and bad days. The worst days come when my body turns on me. Thanks to stem cell therapies, I have far fewer bad days and have reclaimed my life. Unfortunately, new regulations could threaten my ability to get these treatments. 

When I first received my diagnosis in 2002, my doctors prescribed a variety of drugs, commonly prescribed to treat MS symptoms. However, over time, I developed an allergy toward these medications. Other medications had no impact on my worst MS symptoms. After living with MS for four years, my treatment was at a dead end.

 But I refused to give up. I continued to research treatment options for my MS symptoms -- which is how I learned about stem cell therapies. I received my first bone marrow stem cell therapy in 2006 at clinic in Germany. The results were amazing.

 Since 2013, I’ve received adipose stem cell therapy at a California clinic once a year. According to my neurologist, the regular stem cell therapy has enabled me to maintain my ability to walk, long after most MS patients are in wheelchairs, or completely bed-ridden.

 But certain interests aligned with the pharmaceutical industry want the FDA to reclassify stem cell therapies as a type of pharmaceutical treatment -- which would force each individual stem cell clinic to go through the costly and rigorous drug approval process. This would force clinics to close across the country and prevent people like me from getting the treatment I’ve come to rely upon for an unknown number of years. It’s simply unfair.

Please sign this petition telling the FDA to ACT NOW and allow stem cell therapy clinics to continue making these treatment options available to the public.

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