A U​.​S. Phase III study of Favipiravir, large scale, in New York, commencing immediately.

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Favipiravir appears to be the ONLY drug shown to be effective against Covid-19.  It may be but one part of effective treatment, but odds are it will prove to be a critical component.  This drug, from FujiFilm of Japan, is not yet approved in the United States, nor is it being studied or imported here.  The time is now to clear impediments, begin large-scale phase III studies in the US, and partner with FujiFilm to increase worldwide production of this vital substance.

Favipiravir is approved for use against influenza in Japan.  Ongoing studies in China for use against Covid-19 could be recognized as satisfying U.S. phase II requirements.  Under current circumstances, Japanese authorities could be allowed to act as inspectors of production facilities in that nation on behalf of the U.S.F.D.A.

Huge progress was made against HIV with the advent of triple-antiviral "cocktails" that decreased not only AIDS lethality, but spread as well.  While other Covid-19 drugs and vaccines are being studied in the U.S., it is vital that many options be explored, time is critical, and, at this moment, Favipiravir is the single most promising antiviral.