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Require Pet Food Manufacturers to Disclose Quality of Ingredients

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Pet owners deserve to know what goes into their pets’ food.

My dog died of cancer related to the food I was feeding him. I didn't know then that pet food could be filled with dangerous ingredients. So I decided to educate myself and became an advocate for truth in pet food. Most pet food consumers know about the recent and highly-publicized scandal of dogs dying after eating Chinese-made jerky, but few know that some American-made pet food contains “mystery” ingredients, too. That’s why I think it’s important pet owners know what’s in the food they are giving their loved ones.

I want the FDA and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to require all pet food manufacturers to disclose the quality of ingredients used in their pet food.

Some pet foods are made from fresh, nourishing, quality ingredients. But there are others that are made from inferior products, including anything from rotten vegetables to animals who died from questionable causes. Food made with these inferior ingredients is known in the pet food industry as “feed” or “pet” grade. And, as a pet owner, who’s already lost one pet due to poor quality food, I want to make sure my animals get the healthiest, best quality ingredients available. The fact that there’s currently no regulation makes that almost impossible.

Those of us who want “human grade” food for our pets are left guessing and crossing our fingers, while those companies that use lesser quality ingredients are allowed to show delicious roasted chicken and wholesome freshly-farmed vegetables on their labels, confusing us even more.

Now is our chance to make a change. The two major decision-makers in pet food regulation - the FDA and AAFCO - are meeting in August to discuss pet food “quality of ingredient” statements. Sign this petition to show them that pet food consumers want to know what they are buying. Call on them to require pet food companies to clearly explain the quality of ingredients used in their pet food.


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