Allow the Purchase of European Condoms in the United States

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Allow the Purchase of European Condoms in the United States

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Eric Kramer started this petition to FDA

5% to 10% of Americans cannot buy a condom in the United States that fits them well enough to not have a substantial risk of breaking during sex. 

According to a 1999 study, "Each additional centimeter of penile circumference increased the risk of condom breakage by 50-100%. This finding suggests a need to increase either the range of condom sizes available or the lateral extension of currently available condoms." So by the FDA not allowing the production of larger condoms or the sale of European ones; men with larger dicks have an increased chance of condom breakage by 200% or more. Thats millions of men at risk of catching sexual transmitted diseases or unintentionally getting women pregnant!

This is a quote from reddit user named "JoeTheyFit" who makes and sells condoms explaining why the FDA does this,

"It's done with good intentions. By controlling the sizes, the testing that all condoms must undergo before being passed fit for sale can be standardised (made the same in each testing lab, and for each time the tests are performed). The problem is that the way the FDA control the sizes happens to cause this problem for bigger (and smaller) guys.

Until 2008 the FDA width restriction was 50-54mm at the opening - that's why magnum/magnum xl are 54mm nominal width condoms.

In Europe, they do the same - control the sizes in order to standardise the testing. It just so happens the way the Europeans do it allows widths 41-69mm, a massively expanded range, therefore fitting essentially all men comfortably and safely. European condoms are still tested to the same high standards (arguably in some regards higher)."

Another quote by Dearerstill (another reddit user) explains this issue a bit more:

"Condoms undergo rigorous quality control testing. The reasons for this are obvious. To do quality audits on a reasonable budget you need standardized equipment and a repeatable process for all condoms. The FDA just adopted the industry standards. So right now the FDA is not equipped to ensure the quality of 60 mm wide condoms.

Obviously the size limit is a significant public health issue. One thing they really ought to do (and this goes for everything they regulate) is allow anything that has been approved by 2-3 reliable European consumer/health regulatory agencies. Europe allows a much larger range of condoms and ensures their quality. Any company approved in Europe should be allows to export their product to the states."

There is no reason why European condoms are banned in the United States. We do not need to change our own testing policies to fix this problem. Since 2008, the width restrictions have been uped from 54mm to 57mm. However, for many men this is still not enough. All we have to do is allow the sale of European condoms to the American market. It is a simple solution and there is no reason not to.


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This petition had 73 supporters

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