FCPS Must Discipline Teacher Attacking Black and Brown Parents

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On December 7, 2020, Black and Brown parents -- Dr. Harry Jackson and journalist, Ms. Asra Nomani, parents of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology students -- filed a formal complaint with Fairfax County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Brabrand, FCPS School Board Chair Ricardy Anderson, Justice High School Principal Maria Eck, and Assistant Principal Jason Kagarise dealing with a Justice High School social studies teacher, Matt Levi, who has used a Twitter account with a fake name @Antiracist14 to troll, harass, intimidate and shame minority parents of the Fairfax County Public Schools system.

These are the facts:

  1. In his @AntiRacist14 profile, Mr. Levi identifies himself by his employer, FCPS, and states in his messages he is a high school teacher. He has identifying information throughout his messages, including a photo of the gym from within Justice High School. 
  2. Mr. Levi has harassed a Black father, Dr. Jackon, and a Brown mother, Ms. Nomani, and many other minority parents because they oppose the FCPS decision to eliminate the race-blind, merit-based test to TJHSST and seek the reinstatement of the merit-based admissions process and a serious plan to support the pipeline of Black and Hispanic students seeking admission to TJHSST.
  3. Using @AntiRacist14, Mr. Levi called Mr. Jackson a “Motherfucker” and called Ms. Nomani a white supremacist. He has additionally smeared numerous Brown and Black TJ parents as "segregationists," despite the fact that their students attend a majority-minority school and face racism.
  4. Prior to filing the complaint, proper verification of the information was conducted to confirm Mr. Levi’s account holder status.
  5. For his @AntiRacist14 account, started in September 2016, Mr. Levi describes himself as: “High School Teacher, FCPS, Socialist, John Brown enthusiast, Dirtbag Left, Critical Race Theorist, segregation shamer.” He continues to use this description.
  6. The use of this fake account @Antiracist14 by an FCPS teacher is in clear violation of FCPS policies regarding digital citizenship to staff and students.

Furthermore, the investigative work exposed that half of the Fairfax County School Board members follow this anonymous account. 

The six board members who have followed the account include:

  1. FCPS Board chair Ricardy Anderson
  2. FCPS Board member Karen Keys-Gamarra
  3. FCPS Board member Rachna Sizemore Heizer
  4. FCPS Board member Karl Frisch
  5. FCPS Board member Melanie Meren
  6. FCPS Board member Stella Pekarsky

In addition, disturbingly, the official account of FCPS Office of Psychology Services @FCPSPsychs, tasked to support parents and families, follows this fake account that Mr. Levi set up. 

What's more, Virginia state lawmakers follow this hate-filled account.

FCPS has not replied to Dr. Jackson’s and Ms. Nomani’s serious complaint. In the past, FCPS has publicly suspended a teacher during an investigation into wrongdoing. 

The clock is ticking. We are asking you for your support to demand that the FCPS submit a reply to this serious complaint and implement the corresponding appropriate disciplinary measures. 

Yes, I demand a response to this formal complaint.

Yes, I demand that FCPS enforce disciplinary measures.