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On Thursday, June 16, 2016, federal officials closed the investigation into the hanging death of Lennon Lacy ruling it a suicide. Lennon was a 17 year old black teen found hanging from a swing set in Bladenboro, NC on August 29th, 2014. There are unexplained questions surrounding his death that the family deserve to have answered. The DA of Bladenboro County, the State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI have yet to answer and explain the many inconsistencies and suppressed evidence with this case. Here are some of the questions the Lacy family and  American public would like answered.

1. It took investigators less than five hours from the discovery of the body to decide there was ‘no evidence of foul play’ and the cause of death seemed like a suicide. Four days later Lennon's death was officially ruled as a suicide although there was no suicide note and his family and friends described him as being excited about life.  

Question: What was the criteria used for the quick rulings of no foul play involved and cause of death was suicide? 

2. The shoes found on his feet at the scene were a size-and-a-half too small. There were no laces and the shoes didn’t belong to him. The Coroner placed the shoes in the body bag but the shoes were missing when the body was brought to the Medical Examiner's office

Questions: What happened to the shoes? Who did the shoes belong to?

3: The two belts used to create the noose didn't belong to Lennon. Lennon was wearing sweatpants with elastic so he didn't need belts.

Question: Who did the belts belong to? 

4: There was no evidence found at the scene of anything Lennon could have used to kick away in order to hang himself. There was no swing to act as a step to reach the beams. He would have had to jump 21 inches off the ground, placing his head in the noose during the jump if he didn’t use something to kick away.

Question: What were the mechanics used to accomplish this self-inflicted hanging? 

5. Question: Why did the investigators refuse to let County Coroner Hubert Kinlaw photograph the scene and threatened to confiscate his camera if he tried to take photos? 

6. Question: Why was Lennon’s hands not bagged to preserve evidence?

7. Questions: Why was no DNA collected from items found on Lennon but not belonging to him? Why was there no DNA collected from under his nails?

 8. Question: Why didn’t the local police come to the house, search Lennon’s room, look at his phone, inquire about the clothes he was wearing, the sneakers found on his body or the belts used for the noose during the four days between the discovery of the body and the conclusion of suicide?

9. A lady cutting grass discovered Lennon’s body and called 911. She took the body down from the noose although there were no secondary cuts found on the belts.

Questions: How did a 52 year old woman of small frame get Lennon down? Did she untie the noose or cut it? How was she able to hold the cell phone in her hand, talk to the dispatcher and manage to take down a male who stood 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighed 209 pounds? Why did she tell the dispatcher it was a suicide?

10. Undertaker stated it seemed as if Lennon had been in a terrible fight and his body badly beaten with facial indentations over both cheeks.

Question: Did investigators look into the undertaker’s concerns about Lennon being beaten the night before the hanging?

11. Lennon’s mother smelled bleach on him when identifying his body. A lady of interest to the family, concerning Lennon’s death, was on videotape nervously buying large quantities of bleach at a convenience store around 1:00am on August 28th, 2014. It was also reported by witnesses and social media postings Lennon had been at the home of this lady late in the evening before the hanging.

Question: Why was the lady never questioned in the death of Lennon Lacy?

12. The son of the lady who reportedly brought the bleach told investigators Lennon had planned on killing himself by suicide. The male also stated he was best friends to Lennon. The home of the woman and her son was never searched although the Lennon family had been suspicious of them from the beginning. The mobile home has since been removed.

Questions: Why didn’t the best friend who didn’t attend the funeral report that Lennon was planning on hanging himself to authorities or Lennon’s family? Why was he with Lennon the night before?

13. Questions: Who was the person allegedly arrested for desecrating Lennon’s grave after his burial? How come there is no arrest report pertaining to the crime? 

14. Question: What happened to the new pair of Jordan sneakers Lennon was wearing when his family last saw him late on the night of August 28th?

15. Lennon’s girlfriend, a 31 year old Caucasian woman, has publicly stated she had been warned about seeing Lennon. The man who warned her was boyfriend to the woman who brought the bleach and stepfather to the allegedly best friend who said Lennon was planning on killing himself. They all lived together in the trailer behind Lennon’s home. One of the leading investigators on the scene during the morning of the hanging is cousin to the man who told Lennon's girlfriend to stop seeing him.

Questions:  How come the man was never questioned? Why was the trailer Lennon was at the night before the hanging never searched? Why has the trailer been moved? Where is the trailer home now?

 These are just a few of the many questions the Lennon family and American public deserve answered. We demand a new investigation into the murder of Lennon Lacy.






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