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FBI protecting a known child beater & animal abuser ~ Rose Adams a federal informant thinks she is above the law

It has come to our attention that Rose Adams was once an FBI Informant & she is using that to break just about every law she can. We understand the need for the authorities to protect witnesses but according to her she set some guy up & he was shot point blank in the head, this is NOT someone who was an innocent victim, this is soemone who has been working the system her whole life.

Letting her walk off scott free for all of the misery she has caused people & animals can not continue to happen. Here is the proof that she is using her FBI status to avoid prosecution. Enough is enough

Please join us on Sadie's new Page, it is called "For Sadie's Sake"

14 dogs were removed from Rose Adams house on May,14th 2013. This was only after immense pressure from the outside world once a video of poor Sadie being torn apart by 3 other dogs went viral. There have been 3 other "investigations" of cruelty & each time they claimed they didn't have enough evidence. Now they can't say that because the WORLD is watching.

This is a woman who has lost TWO sets of kids for beating & abusing them, who has control of helpless animals. DOZENS of people have made complaints, filed reports, given animal control pictures & videos & EACH TIME they have said it is not enough!!!! IT IS ENOUGH! THESE ANIMALS HAVE SUFFERED FAR TOO LONG. I know of at least 5 times this dog has been attacked & she looked worse then this a few of those times.

These 17 videos were not enough until they were posted on facebook & went viral, until enough people called that it crashed their phone lines, until the media showed up & until they were SHAMED into doing something. Remember it is an election year...

Rose Adams Animal Abuse Videos

This woman is very adept at working "The System" she survives by squatting in houses & never paying rent, she gets Social Security & Welfare, she even got Social Security for her son for years before he even knew about it. When she gets in trouble she lies about others to take the heat off herself to make herself look like an "informant" & take the focus off of her.

She is ceritifed diagnosed sociopath, please do not let her get her hands on these or any more animals. The city has already tried to drop charges against George Beutler, the man seen kicking the dogs, they have dropped NUMEROUS charges against both of them & then switched Ms Adams court date to throw off the protesters.

We will not go away, we see the FAILURE to do your civic duty to the public & to these animals. The world is watching you... We will NOT stop fighting for justice

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Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers
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Representative Dave Reichert
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FBI ~ Everett Field Office (425) 252-3500 The Federal Bureau of Investigation
The entire world has seen the cruelty that Rose Adams animals have suffered at her hands. After years of dozens of people trying to report her, & trying to help the defenseless animals: NOTHING has been done, it is time to draw back from the excuses & to take action. It is time to charge her with more then a "ticket" The world is watching to see what you do now, isn't it time to finally do the right thing for those animals & for the neighbors who have suffered at her hands for years? Most of the people that are being blown off are tax-paying homeowners in your city, you have a duty to protect their property interests & safety. Please do what is right, you have all of the evidence you need, excuses are no longer valid.

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