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FBI And Interpol Hashocean 700,000 people swindled

Esta petición consiguió 2,827 firmas

The website is off-line and took with them millions of
Dollars from approximately 700.000 users worldwide.



there is neither regulating institutions nor reliable sources of information, we
have decided to open this channel to all users and supporters of cloud mining,
people that believe in a transparent mining process. We created this petition to
be able to ask FBI and other similar institutions to trace the people in charge
of - Cloud Mining


users want their money back and the supporters of Cloud Mining deserve a
reliable mining process.

If you lost money with - Cloud
Mining or simply is a cryptocurrency supporter, please help us to raise
awareness and get specialized help to trace the people responsible for


sign the petition and forward to as many people as possible in all social
medias. Let´s unite and raise awareness as soon as possible.


is not yet another scam, just a cryptocurrency supporter tired of seeing people
being scamed, we cannot be quiet let´s unite and make the difference towards a transparent
and reliable cryptocurrency moning.

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