Allow Fayette County Middle School Students to Express Themselves Through Their Hair

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My name is Grace. I am a thirteen year old girl going into the eighth grade at a Fayette County area middle school, and the school's dress code is very strict. We are not allowed to dye our hair any unnatural colors. This may not seem like anything important to a majority of the population, but a large amount of my friends and I love to dye our hair. Two of them like their hair purple, some like theirs red, and I have tried to dye my hair blue. If there is a student with any unnatural hair color, they are sent to the front office, put in In School Suspension (ISS), then forced to wash the color out, dye their hair black, or CUT all of their dyed hair off. There have been many young women who had long, beautiful hair with about five inches of red or pink at the end. They were sent to the front office, and came back a few days later with hair to their shoulders. None of these students have gotten in trouble, they all have really good grades, and they just want to express them selves through their hair color. A bunch of my friends, including me, have their hair dyed for the summer, and they will have to either cut it, dye it, bleach it, or wash it out before school starts. We all would love to have our hair the way we want it, and even though it isn't a necessity, it would definitely make a learning experience way better. If we could express ourselves through hair color, we would stay out of trouble, we would be able to be who we really are, and it would not be a distraction to the other students in the classrooms. The only reason that we are not allowed to have our hair dyed an unnatural color is because it is a " distraction to others". If someone can get distracted by something as simple as the color of someone's hair, other than to say nice hair, they would most likely get distracted by the sounds of a pencil going across paper. And if they can get distracted that easily, they should not be in that class. I did a silent survey of those who had their hair dyed a natural color to cover up the colors that were unnatural, and there were about twelve boys and girls who have done that, just so that they would not get in trouble. As a very creative preteen, it would be very nice if I were able to dye my hair whatever color I wanted in order to make it so that I would be able to be who I really am, and that is a creative young woman. Most likely, the most you can do is to sign this petition and share it with those who know and those who might be struggling with the same problem. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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