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Keep Fauquier Co. Schools Virtual Until Jan 5th

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FCPS1 Equity, a group of concerned Fauquier County taxpayers, including teachers, parents, and business owners, has created this petition to call upon the Fauquier County School Board to stand behind its August decisions and announcements and maintain the current education models through the end of the first term in December 2020. 

We have identified several key issues with the School Board’s adopted plan and sudden and unexpected decision to move to a “hybrid” learning model in November, rather than waiting until the new semester begins after the winter break:

  1. Teachers, in less than a week's timewill have to re-plan their lessons and develop new strategies for managing classrooms with students simultaneously in-person and on-camera/on-screen, all while still teaching their classes each day in the current virtual model.  This is an unreasonable burden for teachers already stretched to the breaking point.
  2. Elementary Students will have their synchronous learning time reduced from 4 days per week to just 2, while secondary students will have their schedules and learning modes upended with only 26 days remaining in semester-long full-credit courses—including Advanced Placement and critical SOL year classes—leading to reduced educational outcomes for students in every grade level.  If student achievement is the primary mission of the school system, the proposed shift is a severe step backwards for all students, whether remote or in-person.
  3. Virtual Learners, whether by choice or by necessity, will be relegated to second-class status, provided only with a view into the in-person classroom or occasional interaction if time allows, rather than receiving the dedicated two-way learning experiences their teachers are currently successfully providing.  This “TeacherTV” model is inappropriate for students of any age, and even more damaging for students with IEP/504 plans requiring additional services, creating significant educational equity issues.  In addition, it will distract classroom teachers from their in-person students, negatively impacting them as well.
  4. Parents will now be forced to revise their plans yet again, on short notice and with limited visibility into further potential changes to schedules or continuity plans if schools or classrooms are forced to close.  
  5. There are also countless outstanding issues related to reopening including staffing shortages, transportation questions, PPE supplies and building safety measures, testing and quarantine procedures, technology availability and security, continuity planning, and more.  A full mitigation plan should be presented to the public, along with specific details regarding substitute teachers and bus transportation issues.

In addition we take issue with the School Board’s direction of “solving” problems with staffing and infrastructure on the backs of Fauquier’s students -- reducing the amount of synchronous instruction and the quality of virtual instruction, all while simultaneously putting additional burdens on teachers and parents.  

If you agree please take the time to add your signature to this petition. 

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