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Confiscate Sonja the Bear

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Sonja is not the only dancing bear in Albania but she is probably the youngest. Young brown bears –an endangered species in Albania – are usually taken from the mountains after their mothers are killed or are imported from neighboring countries. Most of them are confined in private zoos, in miserable conditions. They are bred incessantly and no attention is paid to their wellbeing and natural needs. Baby bears often are cannibalized or attacked by large males. Some of these bears are used as circus animals and they travel the country with their owners, until they die or are sold off somewhere else. However, this campaign is focused on Sonja, a young cub known to us as the dancing bear of Saranda. Sonja has been held captive from a very young age and is used by her captors to make money while she is forced to dance or sit for people to take pictures with her. She lives in appalling conditions, is malnourished and is often mistreated. With this petition we are asking the Ministry of Environment to confiscate Sonja from her owners. By releasing Sonja we will quite possibly save her life, but also make a strong case for the protection and rehabilitation of other captive wild animals suffering in this country.
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