Partial Tuition/Housing Reimbursement at Fordham University

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As of March 9, 2020, after being faced with the ongoing pandemic that is COVID-19, Fordham University announced that, effective immediately, all face to face instruction would be suspended until at least March 30, 2020, pending further decision. With this announcement, the University informed professors to move instruction to online meetings within Blackboard, or other online educational tools. While we understand the difficult position that the pandemic has put Fordham University in, this suspension of face to face instruction presents a notable reduction in the quality of our education that we as students expected to receive at this institution. The students of Fordham fear that this change in education will negatively affect both our education and our potential in professional environments post graduation. We also fear that this new mode of instruction will not be consistent with the costly tuition payments that were made in January of 2020. 

Additionally, Fordham students are facing a major reduction in extracurricular activities and professional engagement due to the cancellation of events, such as: Career Fairs, other professional networking events, departmental talks and distinguished lectures, and all spring Varsity Athletics. Collectively, this threatens to not only affect our short term development within university, but also our potential outcome in our lives after Fordham. This is especially concerning for our graduating seniors, who will not only be graduating into a likely recession, but may have their last memories of Fordham tainted by this extremely stressful situation. 

We call upon Father McShane and The Board of Trustees to address this lack of quality within our new form of education, a quality that the University prides itself on. Additionally, we ask you to consider the implications of reduced professional events and the cancellation of university sponsored events by providing students with a partial tuition reimbursement along with a consideration of a room and board reimbursement for those who will be unable to adequately use their dining plans or remain living in their university housing. While we note that the university does not have the endowment of many sizable private institutions in New York, we nevertheless ask that the university protect their current students (who will become alumni and the future donors of the school) and their families during this unprecedented and trying time.

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