Fast food restaurants to print vehicle reg on takeaway packaging to discourage littering.

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The short break in fast food companies business gave us time to be able to start to clean up the streets once littered with empty McDonald’s bags, KFC boxes and other takeaway restaurant litter. We are already massively surpassing where we were in terms of litter before the Covid lockdown and it's quite frankly a disgusting site on any British street.

Let’s make it compulsory that all drive through restaurants, who sell takeaway food, have to print the purchasers vehicle registration onto their bags or boxes. This will make it much easier to trace the litter back to the purchaser and result in a fine or preferably litter picking duties issued, hopefully resulting in a change of mind towards littering in general. 

We are proposing the idea of 3-4 stickers around the size of the bottom of the restaurants cup, printed with date/time and car registration, placed onto the bottom of the bags, cups and boxes makING it difficult and time consuming for litterers to remove their details without spilling the remaining contents of salt, fluids etc into their cars/vans. The restaurants CCTV will back up this evidence with pictures of the driver and vehicle to provide solid evidence that they were the purchaser. The fine or community hours need to be big enough to cover costs of enforcement officers investigation times, resulting in nobody "slipping the net".

To follow up on questions about litter blowing out bins or birds removing the items. The main fast food restaurants have self closing bins that make this impossible and they should be made to install more of these bins around the areas of their restaurants. If steps are taken to provide secure disposal then the responsibility for the litter not finding itself on on our streets will be with the purchaser. 

If we can reach 100,000 signatures I can show clear public interest and go straight to the Secretary of state for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and demand change. As this could result in a fine for the offenders this will make it much more appealing to the government to pass as law and thus resulting in a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy. 

please help your local and national environment by merely signing this petition and sharing on social media platforms to as many groups as you can, making a small but very needed step in the right direction towards a cleaner world. 

Thank you good citizens.