Farmers Insurance protects negligent declawing veterinarian so innocent cat suffers.

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July 2019

Farmers Insurance refuses to step up for this innocent cat, who suffered from a declaw procedure and a botched spay surgery, in the hands of their negligent veterinarian client.

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This declawing vet, Dr Ellie Scott of Stringtown Animal Hospital in Grove City, Ohio is insured by Farmer's Insurance.

This vet declawed and spayed Chicken (She is now with a new owner who named her Tabby) the cat in May of 2018. Chicken developed lots of issues with limping and pain from having her toe bones and claws sliced off.

Another vet , Dr Ally Bond at Stringtown animal hospital said that Chicken's diagnosis was "possible phantom pain" and said no treatment was needed even though she clearly was having serious walking and pain issues from her declaw procedure.

According to the cat owner, Dr Ellie Scott, the declawing vet, told her they had done all they could and she could transfer Chicken's records to another vet. Dr Scott escorted the cat owner out of the animal hospital on her final visit.

Chicken (Tabby) had also been showing signs of being in heat for quite awhile even though Dr Scott had indicated she did a spay procedure.

City the Kitty nonprofit paid $1016.27 for Chicken's follow-up doctor appointments to try to help her declaw issues and also for vet visits to try to diagnose what her other issues of showing signs of being in heat. 

The new veterinarian found that Chicken had bilateral flexor tendon contraction.

This is a common and painful condition that most declawed cats develop that owners would never know about unless they had xrays done or if their cat was limping. Cats are masters at hiding their pain and suffering and usually only show it when they are in a severe state.

The veterinarian said that when the toes contract after being declawed, over time, it shifts the ends of P2 so they are no longer cushioned by the toe pad. She said that they will see calluses build up where the bone is hitting the ground. This condition starts to become painful because they no longer have any cushioning.


 Farmers Insurance refused to reimburse City the Kitty nonprofit for those bills.

The Farmer's Insurance rep. said that they reviewed all the information and there isn't enough evidence to prove that Dr Scott did anything wrong. He said that Dr Scott told him that she did the spay and declaw correctly.
(When there are no rules about a standard declaw procedure then no one is going to be wrong.)
We asked this rep. about the spay and how the new surgeon found one whole ovary and part of the other ovary in Chicken (Tabby) the cat.
He said that it is in question that Tabby and Chicken are the same cat.

Yes, they actually think that there's a possibility that we went to all this trouble to transport Chicken to St Louis, switch her out with a different declawed cat who has 1 1/2 ovaries inside her, get a reputable vet to go along with this story, find a secret home for Chicken the cat, etc.

The Farmers rep. said any correspondence from now on will be with one of their lawyers.

Please join us and help us end declawing! We need massive public support to end this animal cruelty!
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Here's the full story about Chicken the cat-