March 18, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sustainability Now

In 1985, Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp decided to put on a concert for America’s family farmers who were in dire need of assistance.  They raised over $7 million in that first year and Farm Aid have been helping to support America’s family farmers ever since.

We’re asking you to join us in asking Farm Aid to make industrial hemp a focus of this year’s event and into the future. 
As a coalition of thousands of small family farmers, and others committed to sustainability and regenerative farming practices, we recognize the potential of industrial hemp to transform the fate of farmers and the health of the planet. 

Industrial hemp is poised to be the first successful mainstream crop to be introduced into the culture of American farming since soybeans. Thousands of small family farmers see this as an unprecedented business opportunity that will lift them out of financial hardship and help them keep their farms in the family. 

Industrial hemp has tens of thousands of uses and provides sustainable solutions for planetary problems related to food, energy, housing and so much more. The key to its success is education and strategic alliances between farmers, processors and manufacturers. Farm Aid can help to effectively share that message. With your support, we can convince Farm Aid how important it is to expand awareness and adoption of this remarkable grain and fiber crop.

Please take a minute to watch the short video and sign on to our campaign to support and promote an industrial hemp-focused Farm Aid, for the farmers and for our future.


Joe Hickey - Founder - Kentucky Hemp Association
Mandi Kerr - Chair of Board - Global Hemp Association
Geoff Whaling - Chair of the Board - National Hemp Association
Erica McBride Stark - Exec. Director - National Hemp Association
Morris Beegle - President - We Are For Better Alternatives (WAFBA)
Andrew Bish - President - Nebraska Hemp Industries Association
Jacob Waddell - President - US Hemp Building Association
Samantha Walsh - Vice Chair - Colorado Hemp Association
Rachel Berry - CEO - Illinois Hemp Growers Association
Jamie Campbell Petty - President - Mid West Hemp Council
Jeff Greene - President - Florida Hemp Association
Fred Cawthon - President - Hemp Alliance of Tennessee
Ola Lessard - President - The Hemp Roundtable
Tate Hall - President - Kentucky Hemp Association
Wayne Richman - President - California Hemp Association
Rick Trojan - President - Hemp Industries Association 
Eric McKee - Founder - US Hemp Building Association
George Kocian -VP - Ohio Hemp Farmers Cooperative
Jason Amatucci - President - Virginia Hemp Coalition
Joe Kirkpatrick - President - Tennessee Growers Coalition
Eric Steenstra - President - Vote Hemp
Tillery Timmons-Simms - Exec. Dir. - Texas Hemp Growers Assn
Jana Groda - Vice President - Kentucky Hemp Association
Cameron McIntosh - President - Americhanvre Cast Hemp 
Oneal Latimore - Owner - Eastern Hemp
Mira Rubin - Co-founder - Sustainability Now  
Scott Bille - Co-founder - Sustainability Now 
Scheril Murray Powell, Esq. - Green, Sustainable, Strong
Marla Dickerson - Director - Southern University Law Center
Paul Higgs - Board - Standing Committee of State Associations
Dr. Lashunda A. Hodges - Assoc Professor - Southern University
Michael Henning - Director - Sovran Films
Alicia Fall - Founder - Her Many Voices
Marc Grignon - Director - Hemp Project Heart
Coleman Hemphill - Pres. - Texas Hemp Industries Association
Blake Butler - Executive Director - Southeast Hemp Association
Courtney Moran – Pres. – Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Assn
Marc Grignon - Director - Hemp Project Heart

Support now
Signatures: 1,537Next Goal: 2,500
Support now
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