MANAW - Men Actively Nurturing Awareness & Empowerment of Women

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If you spare me 5 minutes of your time I can tell you how you can do your bit to save the world! My name is Aadya Amritesh. I am 10 years old and I want to sensitize men to empower women.

I often wonder, when we humans started out, were men and women equal? History may not always have a big yes for my question and it concerns me that even today many women are still deprived of their rights, facilities and opportunities that are easily given to men. Empowering women means to enable them equal rights in family, work and society and encourage them to believe in their freedom and rights, for their own benefit and for the welfare of society. It is surely important for all humans to have equal rights or else society wouldn’t function well. Empowering women and elevating their status on par with men not only brings about gender equality but also creates a balanced community.

There are many creative and awe – inspiring ways to empower women but I strongly believe that #PositiveOutlooks=PositiveOutcomes. So, rather than focusing on what has been, I would like to push for a better tomorrow. I am working to sensitize men on how they can do their bit to empower women, with four simple, everyday actions (refer the infographic poster)

1. Be a Good Listener

2. Be a Good Doer

3. Be a Good Crusader 

4. Be a Good Role Model

I have named my campaign #MANAW - Men Actively Nurturing Awareness & Empowerment of Women, with a hope that men will be inspired to join me in empowering women. I hope that very soon, with your support, my tiny voice will reach all the men of the world and sensitize them to be #MANAW!

And coming back to how you can save the world by being #MANAW.... through empowering women, you drive gender equality in society and enable more women to seek quality education and access to better healthcare, nutrition and sanitation. Such women raise healthier families and contribute to the nation's economy when empowered further through equal employment and pay scale. This in turn increases productivity and eradicates poverty. Self sufficient, empowered women will be happy individuals and have the mindset to care for themselves, the community and the environment. Thus, a small act of empowering women will pave the way for men and women to unite as equals, applying their creative minds together to resolve local and global issues and save the world.

Join #MANAW today. Sign this campaign letter, support this initiative and spread the word, so that men can be the change makers in empowering women.