Keep Fargo Public Schools as it is, and don’t open full time

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The Fargo Public School District plans to open up all the way every single day and all day starting in two weeks. Their reasoning being that Covid cases are low in the student body. What they fail to realize is that the reason cases are so low, is because we haven’t gone full on yet. There are many teachers that are over the age of 60 and have some sort of autoimmune disease, or asthma. Same with the students. But yet they plan to open up anyways. We need to prevent this from happening before more people die. It’s not fair to the students or the staff that are forced to work. Lastly, there are large groups of parents protesting the closure, and insisting that it open. And the schools listen to them, despite knowing the risks and dangers. Please help me speak up for not only our family, but for our friends too. They don’t deserve this and neither do you. 

“The students should not get a say in things. It is our right and job to make these choices for them.”   -my teacher when asked about why we don’t get a say in our lives as students.