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Even amid the worsening socio-economic crisis and deteriorating learning setup brought by the heightening health climate, Far Eastern University ruthlessly pushes through its annual battery examination.

The battery examination is a qualifying examination that serves as a prerequisite for 2nd-year students, as stated in FEU’s curriculum, for them to advance to their 3rd year. Moreover, as mandated by the university itself, this exam will determine whether a 2nd year student is qualified enough, based on certain criteria, to move up to the 3rd year, for in the case of failure to meet the cut-off score of the examinations, they would then have to find another course within the university, or they would have to continue their Medical Technology course in another university or college.

In the first place, this battery examination is anti-student as it does nothing but filter out the students and rob them of the opportunity to learn and be educated in their chosen course and university. More than anything, this illustrates a failure of universities to truly become “educational” institutions that they claim to be—a truly educational institution must properly guide their students and not leave them behind. If this cycle continues, schools become profiteering businesses which lure students by accepting them and filtering them out after.

In the current situation of the country wherein, the latest COVID-19 cases have already peaked over a million and have left the country in an even worse socio-economic crisis aggravates further the students’ plight. A year has passed in this remote setup, yet the same woes continue to beset us—a worsening pandemic, poor internet connection, heavy academic workload, and deteriorating physical and mental health. This battery examination, therefore, becomes even more anti-student when pushed to be implemented amidst the pandemic.

The FEU students are experiencing similar adversities with the current distance learning mode of education. A year has passed already since the school closures in the country, but students, teachers, and parents are still struggling to meet the demands of distance learning. While the current set-up of learning has pushed to continue education amid the pandemic, it can be acknowledged that distance learning cannot provide an accessible and quality education for all, especially for skill-based courses such as Medical Technology which requires a thorough and detailed training/classes from the University including hands-on laboratory exercises and face-to-face lessons with proper guidance from professors to further hone the students’ knowledge. The difficulties and ineffective of distance learning are evident when it comes to practical studies; additionally, Medical Technology standards are typically high, and they should be brought into the hands of face-to-face classes under the supervision of professors. Without proper guidance and practice, students' performance in their subsequent courses in their third and subsequent years will suffer.

In addition, the worsening health and socio-economic crisis have greatly affected the lives of the Filipino people. At a time when 10.5 million Filipinos remain unemployed due to the government's refusal to address the pandemic and its impacts, students and their families feel the commercialization of education more than ever. There are millions of Filipino people who are facing the same difficulties and Tamaraws are not separated from those. Educational Institutions such as FEU should consider the welfare of their students. They have been adversely affected directly and indirectly by this year-long pandemic which has claimed tens of thousands of lives in the country, many of whom were dear loved ones. It plunged millions more into an economic crisis. Tamaraws must not be expected to function and study normally when we are grieving, recovering from physical or mental illness, or otherwise incapacitated by the appalling national situation.

Given this national situation and current mode of learning, the Medical Technology students lack guidance from professors that can be given through safe resumption of face-to-face classes. In addition, we call for a pro-student mode of learning and policies!

We, the Medical Technology students, demand that the FEU administration heed the growing uproar of the students to cancel the Battery Examination! No to Battery Examination!

As Tamaraws, we aspire to be pillars of strength, and one can only attain it by upholding democratic rights, amplifying the students’ plight, and fighting for the student body’s rights. Tamaraws, unite! The power is in our hands and the strength is in our collective resistance!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!