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END Breed Specific Legislation in its entireity, judge deed NOT breed

Dogs worldwide are being euthanised (killed/murdered) for how they 'look' rather than what they've done. It is canine eugenics, it is canine racism, it is canine profiling, it is canine bullying - all of which we abhor and fight against when it is enacted upon humans. We have come so far and yet in this aspect we have regressed to the witch hunts of the past. It is ludicrous and it has to stop. The majority of the caring, concerned citizens of the world, the voters of the world, the people who put you in power, realise this is ludicrous, cruel and needs to be repealed in favour of a system which looks at the deed not the breed and allows alternatives to death. Vets and dog organisations from the Kennel Club down disagree with BSL as well as the lay citizens. Failure to speak out publicly about the cruelty this legislation inflicts on families and their dogs is the equivalent to condoning it. Educate yourselves, read the story of Lennox in Northern Ireland, Wicca in Canada, Bear and Kooda in Australia.. alternatives were available but the authorities chose to murder them instead. This is NOT acceptable to the voting public. If you relish/cherish your jobs then you need to change the legislation and change it fast. Deed not breed, make owners/guardians responsible for a dogs actions and/or lack of training, offer alternatives to a death sentence and give animal abusers, dog fighters etc a sentence that will act as a serious deterrent rather than a laughable slap on the wrist.

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