Tell Fandom Not to Migrate Our Wikis to the Unified Community Platform

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In March 2020, Fandom/Wikia gave birth to something that scratched our heads: the Unified Community Platform. Now, our wikis are going haywire when our wikis started moving upon the new platform; many of us are starting to leave Fandom because of this. Even most of its employees are posting new features about the new platform, and about how the so-called "discussions" will replace the Forums. To put an end to this mischievous scheme, I have decided to start this petition so that Fandom will learn its lesson and stop the Wikipocalypse! Also, we need to stop the switch from Forums to Discussions! Post a comment if you agree, and together, we can stop the Wikipocalypse.

In case if you were wondering, the "Wikipocalypse" is a portmanteau of "wiki" and "apocalypse". The Wikipocalypse is still going on, and we still haven't taken action to stop it! Sign this petition for once, and the Wikipocalypse will be gone for good! Say NO to the Unified Community Platform! Say NO to Discussions! Say NO to the Fandom Staff! Say NO to the SOAP, and we need to restore the VSTF since that has been renamed too! Together, we can save Fandom/Wikia in NO TIME, and forever stop the Wikipocalypse, and keep our wikis the way they are!