Child Support and Canadian Family Law

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The Canadian Family Courts need to recognize that we are Father's and matter in our child/s life too.. They also need the judges and lawyers (mostly judges) to stop being biased towards men in general. This is a long overdue change needed.. We need to end the war on Dad's . Most dad's are suffering at the hands of the law.. It's time for change.


I'm new to all this and was asked what my petition is for by a friend.. My goal is to stand up and fight for our children who need both parents equally.. Another goal is to get the courts to see the overwhelming support and evidence that the laws need to be changed in family law and have child support laws changed. Also knowing the true definition of what," child support"means and why it's always automatic the others need to pay. The system (Family Courts) is broken and needs to be fixed. I have no idea how all this is going to work. I don't know the laws in and out but my moral compass is pretty stable and correct in my opinion. I'm also asking if anyone has experience in any of this to fully expose this to the media and make it not go away until they get the hint �.. Any help or opinions is openly accepted.


Thank you