Change in Family Court Procedures in TnT

Change in Family Court Procedures in TnT

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Children's Authority (Carol Logie-Chariman) and

Why this petition matters

  • Considering seeking children's best interests, a team of multiple experts from agencies working with Access, Custody and Maintenance should be present during hearings of these matters to avoid delayed intervention for children. Too many children are experiencing mental and psychological issues which remain unaddressed as many agencies are disconnected. 

The disconnect that persists between and among stakeholders agents and agencies of State are occasioning delays in access to justice. Justice delayed is justice denied.

There must be communication and collaboration between and among the key stakeholders to ensure the swiftest and most profitable intervention, on the part of the child (ren).

Too many women are being murdered while waiting for justice from the Judiciary. Too many parents are dying when one kills the other and later commits suicide. Too many links between Domestic Violence and Custody/Access cases where women try to escape but later get murdered. Too many child related or Domestic Violence matters dragging through the dockets of the Judiciary for years and years.

The danger, most of these acts are in front of the child(ren) who are mentally scared for life. 

Where are the State Agencies when needed?

More money to be allocated to the Social Support Services dealing with children. 

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199 have signed. Let’s get to 200!