Family Court Corruption - Suspected FBI Involvement -

Family Court Corruption - Suspected FBI Involvement -

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Christina Little started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and

Corruption in family courts has grown rampant in this country for a reason. It’s a corrupt business with no regard for child welfare. Help strengthen my voice by signing this petition. I appreciate your time and attention to this cause.

The conduct and practices of all involved ‘professionals’ showed a clear LACK in transparency AND a complete departure from standard protocols and procedures AND indicates a very flawed and fractured system that can be easily swayed to cater to those in positions of POWER and WEALTH, even when ILL-INTENDED motives and behavior have been identified and proven with credible evidence.

I NEED your help because I am currently in the fight of my life, standing up to the BULLYING tactics of the FBI. Upon information and belief the FBI may be protecting –Mark Diarbakerly (father of Peter Diarbakerly), a Syrian nationalist and strongly suspected FBI informant with Russian ties, who attempted to STEAL my sister’s two young children by corrupting various systems through manipulation and lies to aid in their effort.

My sister and her children were FORCED INTO HIDING out of fear of further abuse toward her children and possible DEATH, based on a history of INCESSANT PRESSURE placed on my sister by Peter Diarbakerly and his parents to ABORT her two pregnancies.

My sister has NO criminal history AND NO mental health issues. She has ALWAYS been actively involved in her children's lives, attending all school events and fulfilling all of their needs since birth. She was an organ donor at 19 years old. She graduated with honors in music from high school and has many friends both near and far.

In addition to Peter Diarbakerly abusing my sister during the course of their now defunct 9-year long distance relationship, he was then allowed to abuse the children along with Regina and Nicole Diarbakerly during court-ordered visits, supervised by Jeanne Kratt, who is NOT clinically licensed and NOT licensed in any capacity as a social worker in NYS and can NOT determine parental competence. To make matters worse, Jeanne Kratt is a family friend of the Diarbakerly family and should have recused herself for this conflict of interest alone, not to mention the clear and blatant bias Jeanne Kratt demonstrated against my sister throughout the countless visits she was paid $75/hr to 'supervise'. 

All domestic violence evidence committed by Peter Diarbakerly was submitted to the court, in addition to numerous medical and police reports of neglect and abuse by the Diarbakerly family against my sister’s two minor children – none of which, were acknowledged, addressed or even investigated at any time by the local courts, law enforcement or even CPS, presumably at the direction of a FBI special agent at the Buffalo field office, a US Marshal nominee and Judge Erin DeLabio.

Judge Erin DeLabio made egregious rulings throughout this custody case, one of which granted SOLE custody of my sister’s two minor children to her ABUSER despite his history of suicidal ideation AND demonstration of a strong propensity to abuse in all forms AND willingly choosing to have very little to no contact over the years. Additionally, Judge DeLabio did not not allow my sister to present her credible evidence when she petitioned the family court for an order of protection. Judge DeLabio refused to make any decision, even for a temporary order of protection. Judge DeLabio was made aware that she was under judicial review because evidence of my sister’s complaint to the SCJC was shared in court prior to making key decisions regarding custody and warrant reviews. 

The MOST DISTURBING part of this entire ordeal is that the integrity of some very good men and women from various fields including, but not limited to –investigative journalists, banking institutions, local law enforcement, child protection, legal counsel, members of family and town courts and a judicial review committee have been COMPROMISED by intentionally going against the BEST interests of two minor children merely to cooperate with the powerful influence and direction of the FBI. I truly believe that innocent people have been intimidated by certain members of the FBI to go against their morals and ethical standards.

I believe the FBI has allowed the Diarbakerly family to relentlessly terrorize my family by doing nothing and places emphasis on just how POWERFUL their presence is and DUBIOUS their tactics are when someone interferes with their agenda. Here are just a few of the tactics that have been used by the FBI to HARASS, INTIMIDATE and instill FEAR:

Unlawful arrest by a Niagara County Sheriff's officer of my brother on a violation, with his car towed and impounded the very day Judge DeLabio granted Peter Diarbakerly SOLE custody (for what I believe was to gain access to the contents of my brother's cell phone and car);

Countless interrogative visits and phone calls by CPS with no history or evidence of neglect/abuse by the mother;

Upon Information and belief, a false tip was called into CPS by the US Marshal nominee and/or his daughter, Lisa V. against me (incident described below) to illegally gain access into my home and essentially blackmail me for my cooperation.

Upon information and belief, Lisa V. initially lied to the Town of Tonawanda police and stated she was my neighbor for an incident that led to me confronting her in front of my house for incessantly harassing my family;

Upon information and belief, the Town of Tonawanda police officers, which I called to my house were given false information by Lisa V. and one 'unknown' person (name redacted on the police report) by stating that they had a 'legitimate purpose or reason' to be on my street, in front of my house, which we were later told by police was private investigative work (relating to the same US Marshall nominee involved in the harassment of my sister and her children months earlier);

Infragard gang stalking presumably directed by the FBI with a false narrative that I am either a 'kidnapper' and/or 'aiding and abetting a kidnapper';

Helicopter (private and government) and phone surveillance presumably by the FBI, without proof to establish probable cause for such surveillance;

Countless interrogative visits by the Niagara County Sheriff’s Dept. and the U.S. Marshal;

Upon information and belief, an attempt was made to entrap me by using a bank employee and suspected FBI informant, 'Joshua Snowden' to coerce a false confession from me for check fraud;

Instructing Citizen's bank (Amherst branch) to file a false police report against me for harassment in merely inquiring about my overdraft protection being removed without my permission and who was authorized to make such a change. I was never asked to leave the bank and was never confronted by bank security and/or police at any time during any visits listed on the report or otherwise; 

Intentionally leaving Joshua Snowden's name off of the police report when the specific date of interaction with him was listed on the report;

Instructing Citizen's bank (Amherst branch) to sever their relationship with me by closing all of my accounts, including credit cards with balances without reason, just cause or notification;

The Amherst police report regarding this incident states the 'case is closed', but I was never contacted by local law enforcement or by bank security for my perspective on the matter, which I was involved in.

I sent an email to Stephanie Fix, Esq. from the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct (SCJC), stating that I received, what I believed to be a 'fake dismissal letter' regarding my sister's case. I tried to confirm this with her and one other contact at the SCJC -Rochester NY office and I was met with a non-committal response both times, stating 'I can neither confirm or deny' with relation to the dismissal letter's authenticity and or existence. Please keep in mind that I am listed as a complainant along with my sister and brother, so I'm quite baffled as to why I wasn't entitled to an answer regarding an official decision.

The SCJC changed their email address for contact from 'scjc' to 'cjc'. I am curious to know why this changed occurred after my sister's complaint was submitted to their office for review. I hope it was just coincidence, but I am now skeptical, as the 'coincidences' keep piling up.

My brother and I have contacted the FBI (Washington) by phone (recorded) and FBI (Albany) in-person and submitted a memo to the FBI tip online reporting system, detailing the corruption by one or more FBI (Buffalo) agents, specifically an agent specializing in public corruption and his close friend, a US Marshal nominee (a powerful influence over local law enforcement in multiple municipalities) in what I firmly believe was their plot to harm and/or kill my brother for his willingness to identify the private investigators (a high profile private investigative firm in Buffalo NY) hired by the Diarbakerly family to stalk, harass and intimidate my sister and our family. 

The two private investigators involved are also active border patrol agents, presumably moonlighting without permission, as one would likely suspect that this would be a HUGE conflict of interest. The FBI special agent at the Buffalo field office deliberately deceived my family into thinking he was genuinely investigating the matter involving a US Marshal nominee and went so far as to invent a person named 'Kelly Marshal' at U.S. Customs and Border Protection 'Internal Affairs'.

Additionally, if an investigation was officially opened, I believe it only included the Facebook evidence of "inappropriate behavior', which included racism and prejudice in the form of videos, memes, etc and not the video footage of the investigators sandwiching my brother's vehicle. 

The FBI has yet to respond to my family directly or investigate our legitimate claims regarding the matter involving the FBI Buffalo field office special agent and US Marshal nominee in any way. That's a problem and should be a HUGE red flag to everyone reading this and looking at the evidence.

I believe the FBI may have used various members of local law enforcement to inquire about my sister’s whereabouts; to plant seeds of doubt that they don’t hear what we hear on the recorded audio of a FBI Buffalo field agent and US Marshal nominee; and to ask what other recordings we have of the FBI.

We will remain positive and focused in doing what is in the best interests of my sister’s two minor and defenseless children. They deserved better from a system that should have made them the top priority in all of this.

My biggest hope is that once our situation is officially investigated it will become model for necessitating much needed change. We may one day see a judicial, legal and law enforcement system not swayed by outside influence/money and refocused on doing what is best for all parties involved, especially the most vulnerable people.......OUR CHILDREN. 

For further info, please see , which is an independent site created anonymously by truth seekers, who genuinely care about justice because transparency and accountability are essential in ensuring that no one is ABOVE THE LAW.

I will NOT stop fighting to protect my family!!!!!





0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!